30 April 2011

Wing's Opera Hidup Concert

I’ve been very2 busy for the past few days – right after the accident. Here’s the thing : I’ll be admitted to the hospital by next Tuesday & will be immobile 2 months thereon. So, that leaves me with 5 days to prepare myself with all the consequences. Gotta pay all my bills, got to do 2 months groceries in advance, need to fill in my fridge with as many food as possible & completing all my unfinished business – all within these 5 days.

And not forgetting (which is the numero uno in my to-do list ), my date with Wings. Honestly, if it’s not bcoz of them, I would have done the operation by now. But how could I ever miss an event I’ve been waiting for more than 2 months already? Never !

As planned, I went to Istana Budaya with my bro. & his wife for the Opera Hidup concert performed by one of the most renowned rock band in Malaysia, Wings. I’ve always loved Wings – Awie’s voice in particular. I grew up with their songs, Taman Rashidah Utama, Sejati & Opera Hidup to name a few. Listening to their songs brings back all those sweet memories I once had with my schooling buddies. Those were the days where being happy are the only thing we knew.

The moment I knew they’re having a concert in IB, I’ve decided to be part of it. When my bro. called me up asking whether I could ask for a free ticket from the Director of Red Dot Black (one of the organizer) who happened to be my close friend, I jumped to the opportunity to join him for the concert. Well, we didn’t get any discounted tix, let alone the free ones since they are selling like hot cakes, it seems. So, pandai2 lah beli ticket sendiri……

Solih's new toy (Ferrari tu beb ! )

Wings was awesome as always ( great sound system by the way ). Awie was amazing (though he was a bit too comical, cracking too much jokes on stage) – and so were the other 2 vocalists : Mel & Mus who looks like an elf who just had a hair-rebonding treatment. He’s so tiny but with the mightiest voice. The lead guitarist, Joe was full with persona, mysteriously wrapping himself with a hoody but then, still he amazed the audience with his skills – as he normally did (which makes me wonder when would I ever found my guitarist beau …. ). Songs selections were satisfying as most of the hits & favourite songs are being played.

All & all, it was a great & excellent performance by everybody involved. The crowds were encouraging though not that sporting at times. Though I’ve to watch it with one leg being stretched out, the fantastic show managed to overcome my uncomfortable-ness. Hell-yes, it was a great show indeed !


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