28 October 2010

The Legging Disaster

Alright girls, let me get this straight. Leggings or tights ARE NOT PANTS - and they will never be....ever ! Wearing leggings as pants is a complete blunder. I was having a terrible eye sore looking at females using leggings the wrong way. They are just everywhere - at the malls, pasar malams, markets & the most recent ones are at the park where I got really distracted with the sightings of leggings gone wrong.

As much as I love leggings, I have to say, showing your ass around is just NOT sexy. In fact it's the most hideous sight ever - no matter how hot your bods are. Leggings would only work when you pair it with a top that covers your ass. The only time it could maybe be okay is at the gym or swimming pool. Otherwise, it's a no-no. Nobody wants to see your ass, how much you like to show it off.

A complete no-no

Leggings would look good only if you know how to use it. I dont know why but with all those disturbing images on the street, lots of females out there just couldnt grasp the concept of leggings. Therefore, I'm gonna do some public service today by telling them the right way of using leggings :

1. Legging are not pants & shouldnt be worn as one. You dont need to give the public a walking female anatomy lesson by showing every single detail of your bottoms. No matter how confident or great body you have, it doesnt make much of a difference in this case.

Cover that ass. Meaning you should put on a long tops, dress, big tee or whatever to cover your bottoms.

Arent these sweeter?

3. Use a good material / quality leggings. As it is, using leggings while exposing your butt is already hideous - it's even worse if they are see-through ! This is no joke as I've seen it before. Trust me, it's the most terrible sight I've ever seen. So ladies, please dont do this. Nobody is interested in seeing your bits & pieces.

Another thing I would like to add - tights / leggings are not for guys.......even if you're Robin Hood !

An ultimate disaster !


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