10 October 2011

Nasi Vanggey a.k.a. Nasi Ganja

I did sumthing crazy yesterday ( tell me sumthing new! ). It's the same craziness I did a couple of years ago when I actually went al the way to Taiping just for for a bowl of mee udang. There's no compromise when it comes to good food - at least that's how I felt.

Anyway, you only live once and the time spared is very limited. So, live your life to the fullest. Do things you've always wanted to do. Follow your heart though all the people around you say you're crazy. It's better to look back at your past and say, " I can't believe I did that......" rather than "I wish I did that......"

I am lucky I have enuff of crazy people around me who are always willing to jump into the same ship with me to do some crazy stuff together......well, birds of the same feathers, they flock together-gether, isn't it? So, yesterday a few crazy birds from KL apparently flew to Ipoh for some good stuff for the tummy.

I've heard and read about Nasi Vanggey a.k.a. Nasi Ganja before and I'm sure most of you, readers have heard of it as well. Vanggey in Tamil means "come here" which denotes the situation of the restaurant where people keep on coming back for their food. It's like they are addicted to it the same way people are addicted to cannabis and that's how the name Nasi Ganja came from.

I've made an attempt to come here few years ago but to no avail since it was already closed when we got there. This time around however, I am not letting the same thing happen - no banana tree should bear it's fruits for the second time .....hehehe.

It all started when my fren, Mantong posted in status in FB about his craving for Nasi Ganja. The moment I saw his status, I jumped to the opportunity and offered myself to join him for a plate of Nasi Ganja. We then set the time, date and asked another fren of ours to tag along.

Marsya hogging the Ipad

So last Saturday, the four of us ( including my dearest Marsya ) heads to Ipoh to experience the tastiness of the infamous dish ourselves. We got there by lunch time and was greeted by restaurant that was already 3/4 full with patrons. A big Nasi Vanggey signboard was displayed at the entrance of the restaurant which gave me an assurance that it is indeed the correct place.

Free wi-fi lagi !

The restaurant was big with an open concept where it doesnt have walls but only ceiling on top. It is a self service restaurant where customers have to queue up to buy the food. Since we arrived at lunch time, the queue was quite long - at least 7 - 10 feet long. As Mantong been there before, we gave him the full authority to choose the dishes. We ended up with plain rice with fried hot n spicy chicken and beef cooked in hot n thick gravy.

The verdict. : between the chicken and beef, I'd choose the chicken though beef has always been my favourite as compared to chicken. Reason being, the chicken is hot in taste while the beef is a bit sweet for me. I've tried other Indian food before but this particular ones is a bit different from the rest. Theirs are more spicier and hotter which I guess was their uniqueness that brought people back to their restaurant.

Mantong's THE man !!

All in all, I liked and enjoyed their food but to drive all the way to Ipoh just for a plate of it, that is something I would really consider. But then, as how Mantong puts it : "it's not the destination but the journey that matters" which is very, very true since all four of us had a hell of a great time along the journey.

We talked, we laughed (so hard that it hurts our stomach), we teased, cursed each other and not forgetting dreaming about spending our old age together in Temerloh which was the highlight for the day.

To Mantong and Jamie, thanks a lot for sharing your precious Saturday with me and my daughter. That was one great and wonderful experience I'd cherish for the rest if my life.


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