11 October 2011

My Downloading Addiction

It all started a couple of years ago when I was first introduced to Lime Wire. At that time, I only knew how to download songs and it'll only be 3 to 4 songs a week. Then , came a better and superior software called Ares who could do more than just downloading songs. I was thrilled for now I could download more stuff from the net.

After some time using Ares I got bored. I just cant tolerate the slowness of it. 1 movie took a few days to be completed and that's if I'm lucky. Otherwise, I would have to wait for weeks to finish one miserable movie.

I then got lucky as I discovered Torrent. Torrent is simply magic. It's fast & furious just like my hero, Van Diesel (except for that sexy voice of his, of course). With Torrent, not only songs & movies, software and documents are also downloadable. Now that's what we called awesome !!!

With the existence of Torrents, all hell breaks loose. I started with 1 - 2 movies in a week. Then the numbers increase rapidly to 3 - 4 movies a week. Now that I'm using Wi-fi, it gets much better where 7 - 10 movies a day is like a flick of a finger. Kacang putih !

New movies will take some time before they are available in the DvDrip version. In between waiting & downloading all these new movies, I'll browse from the net for the list of the top movies all the way from the 70s up till the 90s. Since I've been downloading for a few years already, the number of movies to download are getting lesser. I used to check the movie's rating before downloading it where I only go for the good rating ones only. Now that the choices have becoming limited, I dont bother checking already. Well, beggars cant be choosers, isnt it?

To date, I have at least 500 movies in my collection. I have two external HDD to store my collections of which one is already full and the other is three quarter full ~ sigh~ But that wont stop me from downloading....no I wont... I'd buy the 3rd HDD if I have to !

All those movies I've downloaded,I dont even know when I'm gonna watch it....no, no...let me rephrase that. I dont even know whether I'm gonna watch it. I am never a fan of a TV, let alone spending 1 - 2 hours in front of it watching movies. Honestly, I dont really have the intention to watch them all.

Last month I bought an Ipad and it seems that my addiction has gone up to another level. From the day I bought my Ipad, I have already download more than 50 apps in my Ipad. Like the movies, I dont actually used those apps I've downloaded.

The thing is, I just love to download. People might call me a chronic downloader but the name doesnt matter me at all coz I am that. I must admit that downloading makes me feel good......no, it makes me feel really good. It's like a stream of happiness that flows into my system that makes my eyes sparkled and my heart bloomed.

I supposed I could have a problem, but I dont think it is so wrong. I mean, the facilities are there to be utilised, dont just look at it.....used it ! I dont think I would be true to myself if I didnt download ....oh sweet downloading. I crave downloading, I need to do it, and if I dont get to do it, I will......okay, you got me ! I do have a problem. What's that? I forgot to say what? Owh, right.... Hi, my name is Intan and I am a chronic downloader ( This is the part where you say, "Hi Intan...." - all in a monotone voice ).

I know I am not the only one who is suffering from this addiction. And I also know that there will come a time where I'll be running out of movies to download. But before that day arrives, let me savour every seconds of it.


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