12 October 2011

Got Nothing To Worry & I'm Worried !

I woke up from sleep the other morning with a complete empty & blank mind, which somehow or rather confused me. Here's the thing....everybody worries on one level or another. Being a working mother & a single parent at the same time, I have more things cluttering my mind every now & then. It could be just an unwashed laundry or unpaid bills but there's always something up there to occupy my mind.

So when I woke up that morning with nothing to worry about, it worries me. Hah ! How ungrateful I am, isnt it? For a few seconds I sat on my bed thinking very hard, what should I be worried about for that day. There must be something, I thought......how can it not be a single thing in my head right now? Am I having an insomnia here or God had suddenly decided to be kind to me.....

I am not saying I'm a worry wart here. Though I worried that much, I am still in full control of it. Much of the time I worry because of the little control I had over a possible outcome. Worrying that my preferred outcome wouldnt come about.

But then, funny enough I could actually worrying over nothing. Have you ever experience this where you'll be having this unpleasant feeling in you & your heart will be thumping a 'lil bit faster than normal but you dont even know what the shit you are worrying about? Boy, I hate it when that happen !

Anyway, worry no more. By end of the day, I have at least 3 things to worry about.

At least I know I am still normal !


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