01 March 2012

I'm Backkkkk !!!!

Oh yes, I am back & I hope this time it’ll be forever ( cant believe I have the guts to actually say this duhhhh).

So what brought me back to this wonderful, beautiful, awesome-ful blog? It’s not that I’ve forgotten about it – tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang, ye tak? Though I didn’t write anymore for the past few months ( 5 months to be exact) I would still visit Red Scoot On The Move every now & then just to admire my own writings hahaha – especially those parts where I bitched about guys - they are all so inspiring, I must admit !

This morning I receive an sms from an unknown number asking me to update my blog. Guess who was that? Apparently this guy was blog walking & bumped into Red Scoot On The Blog – and obviously he knows it’s mine (who wouldn’t when I have all my pics splattered all over it hahaha). The scary part is that this guy is actually staying in the same apartment I am staying !!! Die lorrr……

The moment I knew it was him, my mind starts working at its superfast rate thinking have I wrote anything about my fellow neighbours? Yes? No? Maybe…..huhuhu. But at least nothing bad about him J. Well, like the world we’re staying in, the internet world is not that big either after all.

So, what actually happen to me? What makes I lost that blogging mojo? Apart from the huge dose of laziness that has been comfortably inhabiting my body, I'll put the blame on the late Steve Job. If it’s not becoz of him, IPad & IPhone wouldn’t have been created. And if & only if those two gadgets were not around, I wouldnt have been too occupied that I could actually deserted my beloved blog.

It all started with my obsession with first, IPad then followed by IPhone. I spent most of my time with these 2 gadgets - playing games, browsing the hundreds of apps in the Apple Store and after I got my phone, I was hooked up with WhatsApp Messenger - credits to Mimi & Mantong for their participation...hurrahhhh !!!

If I were to write down everything that has been happening for the past 5 months, it'll be one hell of a long post for sure. Hence, I'm juz gonna make a summary of it ....and just for the record - I didnt get married hahaha :

1) I've finally found the love of my life - with Iphone & IPad, who needs a man ?

2) Emptied my savings by revamping my apartment - a total blessing in disguise that I dunno whether to laugh or to cry. Knowing that I am so vulnerable, I shoudnt have spent so much time with Mantong who has been very busy renovating his newly bought condo. That's me - I got very easily influenced especially when it comes to damaging myself huhuhu.

Ada macam dalam majalah Impiana tak? #mode perasan

3) My buddy, Farrah finally got married to her Mauritian fiancee - congrats darling, am so happy for you ! I should start planning my hols to Mauritius now that I have free accommodation over there wooo hoooooo !!!

The happy couple - cepat2 dapat baby, k !

4) Me & my bro - we finally took the U-turn & revived our brother-sister relationship for good. I've been missing you Long & I'm so glad you're back into my life again. Syukur, alhamdulillah.

5) My BFF, Carol left to join another company - good for her ! Only thing is that I've been missing her so much ever since....huhuhu. No more taking self obsessed pics in the morning...no more shopping trips to pav/klcc/bb plaza...... no more guy-bitching session throughout the day.... damn, I missed you girl !

Darling, I had hard times looking for our best pics together since all of them are simply gojez

6) I am officially 42 years old as of last week - wiser & one year older but STILL a head turning chick wooooo hoooooo !!!

7) Volunteered myself to be part of my apartment's management committee - which took most of the very limited free time I had. Something to give back to the community - at least.

8) My BFF, Jamie is now my housemate on a temporary basis till she moves into her new apartment next month - I just wish she could stay forever with me.

My cute housemate....love u muahhhhhh !!!!

All and all, life has been great and I am counting my blessings. Praise to Allah. Though my parents are 200++ km away, I am so lucky I have good friends around me who would be there for me when I need them. Like a friend of mine said, we should live this life with zest & enthusiasm....and for me, my friends are that zest of my life ! Alhamdulillah.

Lets cherish whats yesterday and enjoy whats today as tomorrow is still out of sight....


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