01 March 2012

Pathetic !

It has been quite a while I didnt bitch write about guys. It's not that they've already turned smart or their egos suddenly shrunk but I just couldnt care less talking about things nobody could ever change no matter how hard they tried. Men would always be men & there's a reason why God made them that way, I am sure.

Anyway, today I am gonna beat the norm by talking about them - I just need some umphh to this boring & sleepy afternoon & bitching about guys would surely gives me that boost without a doubt.

Men - they just get older by the years but growing up? Never. They can be as old as 40 or 50 but they still think & act like a 10 year old boy. The things they did & said can sometimes left you totally confused. Your mind just couldnt figure out how a grown up could performed such an act. But then it all slowly come back to your senses the moment you realized that you are actually dealing with no other than MEN.

A friend of mine recently passed my number to a friend of his hoping that something will took off between both of us - well, thanks to his good intention. The guy then called me up & we spoke for 15 mins the most. Then followed by texting the day after. So, that's the length of our relationship by far - 2 days old, 1 phone call & few text messages. Therefore nothing much I could tell about him except for the slang when he spoke in English, which I believed was fabricated just to impress me ( OMG I am so evil kan?)

Then that's about it. He didnt call / text and neither do I ( why should I, anyway?). After for about 3 weeks of going AWOL, out of the blue he sent me an sms. In his sms, he was apologizing to me as he's about to undergo a surgery. His sms left me completely clueless. What was that, I asked myself. And the only realistic answer my mind could figure out is that he's just one desperate man seeking for an attention. How sad....

Coming from a 47 year old man - it is ridiculously stupid isnt it? What's wrong with men these days? Why cant he just dial my number & call me instead? Isn't that more appropriate rather than sending a pathetic sms like that?

Well, a bimbo would answer the sms like this :

OMG baby, are you sick? muahhh I miss you....

Whereas a normal, decent lady would text him this :

I am sorry to hear that...hope you'll get well soon.....

But coming from a skeptic bitch like me, I would just ask him this :

Do you think I even care ???

Hence, I decided to just delete the sms & forget about it !


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