01 July 2013

The Corelle Fever

I know I am supposed to talk about my walk-in wardrobe in this particular post but normal human like me can only plan. Apparently, that dream of mine can only be realized in another week or so. Patient is a virtue....I kept on telling that to myself....sigh.

I was browsing the net the other day and one site brought me to another until I reached to this one website where they are selling imported household goods from overseas, primarily UK & USA. That has actually brought my attention to Corelle dinnerwares. Damn !

Corelle has been in the market for so long. The brand is so common and the quality of it's products have been acknowledged by many. The question here is, why am I never drawn to it before? There is only one answer to that question. Quality always comes with a price. 

This is what i've saw in Jusco not so long ago :

A set of 16 pcs of Corelle dinnerware was priced at RM 600+ and I am one of those people who won't spend that much just for plates n such, coz I know the food would still taste the same whether you put it on a RM 100.00 plate or a RM 10.00 plate. Period.

I dont know what has gotten into me but when I saw the price published in the site, I immediately becomes excited.....very excited, in fact. The 16 pcs Corelle dinnerware cost only RM350.00 ! Though owning a set of this has never been in my wishlist, all of a sudden it has jumped to the very first line of the list ! Hahaha..... I am forever a specialist when it comes to spending money !

The urge of having a set of it is so strong that I spent the whole day browsing the net hoping to find one for me. There are a lot of suppliers around but unfortunately the order dates are already due.....huhuhu. The next shipment would only come somewhere around December which would be okay if I am celebrating Christmas....but Hari Raya is just a month away uwaaaa !!! Guess i have to make do with my old fashioned, heavy, thick plates.....

Then out of a sudden, while mourning for my loss, I remembered something......I remembered seeing a stack of Corelle dinnerware boxes somewhere. Yesss....that's it !. That was in Jun's house - the lady I bought the wallpaper from. I then quickly grab my phone & asked her whether she have in her stock the design that I desire i.e Corelle Fine Lines.

I was the happiest person on that day when she said yes. I myself cant believe my luck. At one point I already given up hope and swallowed my dreams of eating ketupat in a Corelle plate. And as I watched my dreams slowly vanished, a new package of hope unexpectedly arrived at my feet. Subhanallah....God is great !

So, this is it, my Corelle Fine Lines dinnerware :

Would I be a happier person this coming raya? Would my 2013 Aidilfitti be more meaningful ? Would this year's Hari Raya be merrier? Yes...yes and definitely a yes !


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