27 February 2014

A Quiet Birthday

It was my 44th birthday yesterday…… a quiet one indeed.

The first to wish me was my darling Marsya, of course, while we were lying on bed waiting to fall asleep on that 25th night. A birthday wish from a daughter, with a peck on the cheek is all a mummy could have asked for. Thank you so much dear !

 LOL......this is so me !!!

Then just after midnight, a birthday wish from my best friend, Chor whom I’ve known since we were 8. A birthday wish via WhatsApp along with a string of ballons, hailer, cakes, flowers emoticons etc, as if we were having a party in there hahaha. Thank you Chor for all the well wishes & may our dreams for “lelaki kaya dan beriman” will soon came true LOL.

Not so long after Chor’s, came along my next birthday wish from my one & only sis, Aida. Didn’t expect to get it from her that early and it was quite a surprise knowing that she’s still up at that hour. Kesian Aida…..it was her son, Shafiy who doesn’t seem ready to call the day off any earlier. Missed that adorable lil’ nephew of mine…muaaaahhhh.

Then, the next morning while busy juggling my burnt caramelized chicken wings and; cooking Paprik for lunch (I know I am awesome *wink wink* ), my mum called to wish me – thank you mak, love you ! Well, just for the record, I managed to save those chickens wings from suffering a 3rd degree burnt, and therefore are still edible….phewww.

So, that’s the first 7 hours of my 44th years on earth…….

As I settled down at my desk in the office, my other BFF, Jamie called. I was so happy to hear her voice that I don’t really care if she called only to ask me about the weather  instead of wishing me on my birthday….but she didn’t. Jamie had been very, very busy for the past two months or so, and to even get her on the phone is impossible, let alone meeting up.  So I was the happiest person that very morning knowing the fact that she remembered and took the effort in the midst of her hectic life, to call and wish me. Terharu akak…

Later that day, were the wishes from my special group of friends and my brother  - both via the WhatsApp group, Jornam and Family respectively. Only one wish on my Facebook page ( just the way I wanna it to be ) from my eldest brother and I am glad he wrote it much, much later in the evening.

Last but not least, at 10:00 pm last night my old friend cum colleague sent me her wishes. Actually, I was waiting for it the whole day we were in the office but I guessed it must have slipped her mind. Anyway, it’s the thought that counts right?

A friend asked how would I celebrate my birthday this year? Where is the cake? The truth is a birthday is just another day for me. The last time I celebrated my birthday was during my 40th birthday coz it was a special phase in life and because I have amazing frens who threw a luxurious dinner for me.

And for the rest of the birthdays, it was just me and Marsya spending the day like any other days, counting my blessings and feeling grateful that Allah has spared my life this long…..while at the same time hoping for more good things and years to come. Ameen.


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