27 February 2014

My Belated Birthday Cake

Pralinosa – a name as beautiful as it is. Pralinosa in the culinary dictionary means “hazelnut paste” and in my very own dictionary, Pralinosa is my forever and ever no. 1 favourite cake. The only cheese cake where you can’t possibly detect the taste of cheese at all. And it is for the same reason; that a non-cheese eater like me loves it so much.

Frankly, I haven’t eaten this cake for so long that I really couldn’t recall the last time I had it…so long that I can’t even remember the taste. All I can say is that it was so heavenly good and simply out of the world. I know I sounded a bit exaggerated but that’s the truth about this Pralinosa. Sinfully delicious!

Remember earlier I wrote about my friend cum colleague who accidentally forgotten my birthday? Hehehe…..apparently guilt comes with a price and the best part of being guilty is that you will do your very best to kill that shitty feelings in you – like buying the victim her favourite cake, for that matter !

Ija came to work this morning with a box in her hand. She then came straight to my desk and handed me the box with a sorry face. A belated birthday cake for me …….yippie !! A blessing in disguise, that is. I just can’t wait for the day to end and savour a bite on this cake since I am fasting today. And one thing I am very sure of is that I won’t be disappointed.

To Ija, thank you so much for taking all the hassles to buy this Pralinosa for me. I hope you will forget my birthday again next year and get me this cake again ! Love you !


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