03 March 2014

FMFA 2014 X Dr. Martens Boot-Away Competition


Dr. Martens Airwair Malaysia is having the 'Boot-Away' Instagram competition where contestants shall upload their creative photos on Instagram, adding caption that answers:  WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR IN FMFA 2014 ? Easy kan? And the best part is they are giving away 26 pairs of Dr. Martens !!!

When I discovered about this competition, it was just a day before the closing date, phew…. and I havewas so determined to win a pair of Dr. Marts. The next thing I should be doing is getting my picture taken and it has to be with Red Riant in it. Dr. Martens alone is cool but with a Vespa, it’s gonna be even cooler !

So that very evening after work, I’ve engaged my personal photographer, Marsya to help me captured the best pic of me with my Dr. Martens and Vespa…..fefeeling model gitu, chewahhh ! Though it’s not an easy job to get the best shot (considering the amateur photographer, although the model is somewhat professional  LOLS ), but we manage it through somehow.

So going through all the pics taken I have shortlisted 2 and using all the available apps in my Ipad, I started editing those pics to perfections. I was unsure as to which pics I should be using for the competition, so I decided to get some opinions from my colleague friends. 

I was about to upload the selected pic when I noticed the closing time which is 12 pm. I froze for a few seconds and my face turns pale. It was already 1.00 pm at that time, for God’s sake. I dunno what happen but I was positively sure that the closing time is 12 midnight. I mean, my eyes did see the time as 12 pm but when it gets to my brain, it got translated as 12 midnite…….uwaaaaaaa !!!!

There’s nobody else but me that gotta be blamed here. If only I’d be more observant or maybe, focused then I won’t be this disappointed and upset. I then checked out other photos uploaded for the competition hoping that those pics are far more better – at least it would makes me feel better, right.

Well looks like things get even worse – the pics uploaded are more or less are at the same par with mine with some even worse. I felt terrible then…there is a chance of me winning a pair of Dr. Marts if and only if……uwaaaaaaa.

Seeing me so stressed up like that, my friends then were asking me to go ahead and upload my pic even though it’s already due. Just upload and who  knows, they might like the pic and decided to extend the closing time. Miracles do happen sometimes……

So, that was exactly what I did – and this was the said pic.  :


P/S Just for the record, I didnt win thic competition...macam frust la jugak sebab perasan gambor ni macam happening sangat kan...anyway, I strongly believe that I didnt win coz I uploaded my pic after the competition has already closed. I might have won if it's otherwise #memangakuperasan


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