02 May 2010

The Indecent Proposal

I'm speechless. Not that I didnt know they're an airhead but the fact that they proudly flaunt their stupidity amazed me - not in the sense of impressing me but rather shocked me. Knowing the fact that they are stupid is one thing. But having them to prove that fact can be quite entertaining, I would recall. What's more interesting to see a man making a fool out of themselves?

How can I not say that? As always, men disgusts me and in my case, it's not me to be blamed. Those men who happened to pop in my life seems to have nothing in their head - total vacuum. It's either that or I'm just too smart for them......oppssss, did I just knock off the ego of you guys, male readers out there? If so, then just be it........ada aku kesah ? Woooohooooooo !!!

Imagine this & I'm sure you couldnt agree more with what I've been babbling up above. A guy whom I knew for a 1-2 years, went out with him 2 - 3 times and as far as I know, I've no mushy feelings towards him - strictly frens that is. Unfortunately, he is not and obviously it's not my problem at all. So, being an airhead he is, he called me @ 5.00 am in the morning - not to wish me a very good morning or asking me to watch the sunrise with him.......but to propose. Oh yes, you've read it right....to PROPOSE !

See what I mean? He has 24 hours in a day & the best time to call & propose to a lady is at 5 am in the morning.....that's one heck of a theory! I guess, this is what actually happen. He had a wet dreams in the night, woke up in the wee hours of the morning, still feeling horny as an after effect of the wet dreams he had earlier and bang !!! Lets propose to this lady ! He was really proposing to me - telling me that he'd took care of me, love me for the rest of his life, and I'm quite sure if he's in front of me at that time, he would already be on his kneels with tears at the corners of his eyes, begging me to accept his proposal. Me on the other hand, still trying very hard to figure out whether am I already awake or still dreaming.....or should I say, still in a midst of a nightmare ! And I'm quite certain after putting down the phone, he'll be wanking himself back to sleep !

As I'm writing this entry, I still couldnt understand how he can actually do that. Not that we're currently in love or what.....and I cant even remember the last time I spoke to him on the phone. And out of the blue, he can actually call & proposed.....at 5 am in the morning! Though what he expected from me is a "Yes",but all I could say was "ARE YOU DRUNK???"

This is the problem with guys. They thought asking the girl's hand for a marriage is just like asking her our for a movie. No big deal......nothing ! If he doesnt like the movie, he would just walks out from the cinema......the same way he'll walks out from a marriage if everything doesnt turned out to be as he wants it to be. He can always find another girl to go for another movie with him ! What's so difficult about that, isnt it?

This guy who proposed to me is a 40 year old man. If you think, a man at his age is mature enough, well you've think again. He is in fact another living proof ( out of millions of them out there) of the theory that men can never mature....ever. Unfortunately their biological clock went bonkers and their brain just stop developing at the age of ten max., which leaves men with a so-called brain no bigger than a peanut. And tell me how can I not hate these species ? They simply cant stop amusing me with all kinds of stupidity they could think of.

C'mon guys, gimme a break.......I had enough !


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