19 May 2010

Behold The Power Of The Boobs

Before I start, I would like to apologize in advance to all of my male readers for any un-easiness or un-pleasantness of their "south territory" for the following entry - being a normal man for that matter, that bounds to happen. Well guys, your inconvenience is very much regretted.

I'm not sure if any ladies out there noticed that boobs, aside from providing buoyancy in the event of a shipwreck and serving as the perfect airbag for protection during a car accident, wielded unusual power - over men specifically.

I've been wanting to write about this issue since the last 2 weeks but I've got no choice but to put it aside to give way to my hectic work schedules. So, what actually happen last 2 weeks that inspired me to write this entry?

I was in the lift of my apartment one morning, on my way to work. Then this neighbour of mine stepped in & that's when it all started. The lift in my apartment is the al'cheapo type which kindof having a built-in anti-gravity force that more or less slowed down it's speed - giving us enuff time to chat before it reaches the ground.

This time around, the chat went a bit odd than the usual ones. When I said "odd", I didnt mean the topic of the chat but more on how he behaved. There we were talking to each other, one to one, but his eyes seems to keep on falling at the wrong place. Rather than looking at my face, his eyes were rather too busy gazing on my boobs instead ! Watta ! That leaves me in a very awkward situation - I cant suddenly cover my boobs with my hand. Neither can I ask him to stop staring at them for he might say I am just perasan-ing. All I can do is to continue talking to him like nothing ever happened while hoping the lift to reach the ground as soon as possible. Phew !

Anyway, this is not the first time it ever happened to me. Men, from any walks of like wouldnt have enuff mental resistance when it comes to facing the boobs. I've encountered the same situation a few times before which really puzzles me. I wouldnt be if my boobs are of the DD cup size. Or if I'm actually flashing my cleavage around. Mine is barely there & totally covered, for crying out loud! But then being a guy, even if it's just a few ounces of meat there on the woman's chest, their systems could just go haywire. I'm sure, while that neighbour of mine was chatting with me that day, in his head he had done a couple million of things with my boobs. Otherwise, they wouldnt be called "men", arent they?

This is what I meant by the power of boobs. From centuries ago, boobs have been shaping history - destroying careers & crippling world powers. Many men have been nearly destroyed by these orbs of power. Never underestimate the power of boobs. And behold..... these boobs are five times powerful when wet - it's power supercharged !

If only I didnt fall prey to the power of the boobs.......

Boobs have indeed done many great things to women. They have helped a lot of women get a job or being promoted. They make the workplace more tolerable for the rest of us. Boobs can lighten up a woman's whole appearance. They can make the sun come out when it is raining. They not only make a woman smarter but funnier and more interesting too. A lot of those popular Hollywood celebs owed their success to their boobs. And recently, a classic example of how a pair of boobs have some how awakened the sex desire of a 70 year old man......hehehe.

The boobs that build Scarlet Johansson's career. Lucky girl !

Guys wouldnt even notice how she looks like - it doesnt really matter anymore

Boobs are nature's masterpiece, perfect in shape and design. They are as beautiful as they are powerful. All it takes is something that looks like a boobs to unleash their power. Unfortunately we ladies have yet to abuse this natural power to enslave mankind. But don't worry fellas, we're working on it !

Somewhere a bear is masturbating !


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