03 May 2010

Anugerah Industri Muzik 2010

If any of you were wondering whether I would write a review on last night's AIM, well the answer is no. To start with, I've totally forgotten about it - not until Marsya told me so. Getting the right TV station is another challenge as none of us knew anything about it - so, we end up jumping one channel to another till we got the right one. And by that time, CT Nurhaliza had just finished performing :( But then, even if I got the chance to watch her, dont think I would have any comment on her performance but only praises & compliments. Cant expect me to do that to another Pahang-ian, right?

I managed to stay & watch the event for a mere 30 minutes. or so For that short period of time, obviously nothing much I could comment. Anyway, both Afdlin & Adibah had again proved themselves as a good presenter & never failed to entertain the audience with their jokes. They're naturally good & their jokes are so original. Am just wondering where Bob Lokman is this year?

Cant comment much about Yuna & Aizat's performance though. It's like having the Chinese philosophy's concept of Yin & Yang on the stage, i.e. the theory about balance. In this case. it's the balance between my "likes" and "dislikes" - I like Yuna & it's the other way round for Aizat. Enuff said. But honestly, I dont really like their song mash-ups. Dan Sebenarnya would sounds better if being sung on its own without any interference from Aizat's song. Hmmm.....am I being biased here? Sounds like it though.......but do you care? Coz I dont !

Hazami won the best male vocal artist award despite my favourite Faizal Tahir.....huhuhu. Cant help but to feel sorry for him upon listening to his speech. It's not the speech that moved me but rather his voice. I cringed to every words that's coming out from his mouth & was hoping that he would make it as short as possible - before the crowd started to laugh at him. Really am feeling sorry for him.

That was the closing event of my AIM this year. I found it rather boring & just couldnt continue watching it anymore. Maybe I've been watching too many Hollywood movies lately that I've lost all interest in the local entertainment. Or maybe, they're just not up to standard yet to be able to entertain me !


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