05 May 2010

The Other Woman

A few days ago in the midst of our battle with the 700++ valves, me & my BFF were talking about how some women would put the blame on the "other woman" when their husband is having an affair. I'm sure most of you agree, if not 100%, at least 90% to this statement.

Most affairs are initiated by men. It started with the most common lie in the universe which is "I'm single". Then with some sweet talks here & there, the poor girl falls for it. Nobody condones cheating. It may not be the case all the time but majority of the time, it is. In this case, clearly it's not the other woman's fault. But yet, she still got the blame and the dog howls to victory ( the dog here is that cheating husband ).

Even if the man didnt lie & the other woman was to know, it's none of her responsibility to uphold two other persons wedding vows, isnt it? Pathetically, some women would put most of the blame on the other woman rather than their own good-for-nothing husbands - when it's actually the husband that owes the wife something. It's him you married not her, so you can't hold her responsible for anything.

What I'm trying to imply here is that the whole blame should not be placed only on the other woman, because it takes two to tango...however, she's not innocent in the matter and shouldn't be counted as innocent. But then, it's not the other woman's fault that their husbands cheated.

This is one thing that I always failed to understand about women ( though I'm one of them ). Noticed that women would take more craps from the husbands than anybody else - even their own mother or siblings. I'm sure you've heard a lot about women who choose not to listen to their own kids when they complaint that their dad molested / raped them. They would just ignore them & stick to the husband, half the time not even investigating the allegations. Sad isnt, it?

Like my late grandma always told me before : women can be very much smarter than men...... but yet, men would still managed to cheat them out ! Ouchhhh, the truth does hurt !

p/s I hope none of you would relate this entry to myself - no, no, no.....I am not that "other woman", ok. I'm clean.....at least for now ! Hehehe......


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