17 September 2010

Post Raya Entry

It's Friday today which is the 8th day of Syawal and my first day at the office after a long week of Raya hols. Tough? You bet ! I've therefore decided that today is gonna be a day for me to sit down, relaxed, doing nothin' & let the day pass just like that. C'mon... as it is, it's Friday & to immediately start working after more than 10 days of holidays is ridiculous - my system needs to be re-heated before it could start-up & running. Even a machine could breakdown if it's not being handled with care - what more this 40 year old fragile body of mine !

My 2010 Raya was okay - managed to visit a few of our friends & relatives around Kuantan and the rest are as usual - feed & hibernate. That's the best activity during any festive celebrations. First you eat.....then you go the next phase i.e. entertain yourself with the TV while having good times condemning the actors / actresses in the movies. After some time, without you even noticing it, your eye lids becomes heavier n heavier which automatically transmit you to the next phase, that is the nappy hours. More or less that's how the cycle of my days would be when I'm back in my hometown. It is too contented that I wished time could stand still.

Anyway, I would like to make an announcement here on my unavailability during the past Hari Raya days. One day prior to Hari Raya, my handphone suddenly went dead. I'm not sure what happen but without any warnings / symptoms, it just went kaput. So, to those thoughtful frens of mine who sent Hari Raya sms-es to me, I am terribly sorry for not being able to do the same. My sincere apologies to all.

Anyway, after a week of humongous amount of rendang & ketupat being shoved into my stomach, this is what we had last night for dinner : Maggi Curry. And surprisingly, this particular Maggi tasted like never before - heavenly delicious !


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