24 September 2010

There's Still Hope......

Not a single day we didnt hear, watch or read stories about how violent & crazy our society have become. Killings, robberies, rapes are so normal as if human's life are no longer valuable. Reading newspapers nowadays can be quite nauseous as more than 50% of the stories are made up of violent crime stories. And as I'm writing this, I'm sure another crime occurred somewhere adding up to the statistic.

Unlike before, we now live in fear - not knowing whom can be trusted & whom we cant. A well known neighbour could turn out to be a murderer & worse still, your own murderer. Your business associate night have a different agenda against you which would cost you your own life. Your teacher whom you thought would protect you, could end up be your predator. And your trusted & beloved husband might be the person who would someday rip out the life of your own kids !

These are not made-up stories to scare people off or just for the sake of writing this entry . All these are real-life stories which have been happening right in front of our eyes. It's the kindof stories which we thought would only happen in movies or fictional books. All of our worst nightmares have now slowly taking their place in reality.

Amidst all these terrors, I was sort of waken up from my nightmare yesterday. When I came back from work yesterday, my daughter told me that a stranger just left. It was an unfamiliar looking Chinese man as how she described him. Somebody we've never bumped into in the lift of around our apartment area.

Apparently, that stranger came to return my car keys which I dont realized I've lost. The last time I drove my car was a few days ago & I might have dropped it somewhere without me realizing it. The moment Marsya handed me the keys, I just stood there, frozen. Anger, confusion & relieved took me over.

Angry to myself for being so, so careless. Relieved as things seems to fall perfectly in place regardless of my extreme carelessness. And totally confused of that stranger's existence. Questions after questions came knocking on my head. Who is he? Do I know him? How did he knows those were my keys? How did he knows where I lived?

The only thing that been playing around my mind is the fact that he returned those keys to me. If he knew where I lived, he would definitely knew where my car being parked at. With the keys in his hand, he could have driven away my car just like that. But then instead, he did a noble thing by returning it back to me. It's kind of freaky come to think of it, isnt it?

Anyway, this stranger has somehow given me some hope that there's still kind-hearted person around amidst the vicious surroundings we're currently in. It's good to know that our society are not that so bad after all. Nevertheless, it's still good to be careful & alert all the time. The only thing I regret is not knowing who Mr. Stranger is. Thanking him for his honesty is the one thing I would really wanna do.

What just happened left me feeling very grateful. I thanked God so much for protecting me & my kid from any harm so as for us to continue serving Him in this journey of ours. May God bless us more. Amin.


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