04 April 2012

My New Black Lacy Tops

Since my BFF, Carol left me about a month & a half ago, shopping has no longer been part of my routine during lunch time. When she's around we would made our shopping schedule to meet our visitation quota for both Sg Wang & Pavilion, which would be once a month for each venue. We dont have any other choice but to plan this way in order to curb our shopping habit coz the more we visit these places, the more we're gonna spend.

Now that my Carol is no longer here with me, I've become crippled for I've lost the other side of my shopping "kaki". I'd stay in the office from the moment I stepped in every morning till its time to go back. That's how boring & dull my days in the office have become - which explains why I start blogging again hahaha.

But then a woman gotta do what a woman gotta do. And shopping is definitely one thing this particular woman loves to do. And having to live in the internet world of no boundaries, shopping doesnt mean that you have to leave your seat in the office - if you cant get yourself to the shop, the internet will bring the shop to you yeeee haaaaa !!!

I've been quite free these few days after a long week of striving & struggling. And with that free time I've decided to check out all those long forgotten shopping blogs which I used to visit before. Sure enough, being a perfectly normal woman with desires, one of those blog manage to appear in my shopping radar. 

It was this tops that has been continuously blinking in my radar system. 

The tops looks nice & the price is reasonable too.....so, what more can I ask for?  The next thing I know, I'm already half way through the order form. Well, happiness doesnt come flying to you if you dont go looking for it, right? And that's exactly what I did - I've go looking for my happiness & I've found it ! Bingo !

It was fast as I've gotten my parcel the next day itself. Without sparing a single second, I took out the tops & examine it closely. Okay....it was not exactly 100% as what I expect it to be but neither does it a total disappointment.

First, the material. From the picture, it doesnt really look that transparent but the fact is, it's made of a lacy kind of material which is totally transparent. So, for a hijabista like me [ for those who didnt know what a hijabista is, well hijabista is a fashionista who wears a hijab --> like me :-) ], I definitely have to use an inner with it, unless of course, if I wanna be called gilanista then I can always omit the inner!

See how transparent it is !

Secondly is the sleeves. The actual ones seems to be much shorter as compared from the one worn by the model. But then, I was corrected by my princess who seems to be much smarter than me ( ehemm....just for this particular moment ). "Mummy, the model is skinny & you are not - obviously, the sleeves will be longer on her" - dabooshhh, that whole sentence hits my face right away the same way a fist came popping out from the Jack-In The-Box toy once the lid is open.

Though it's hard, truth remains the truth huhuhu. Anyway, even if I'm using size zero like the model or even if the sleeves are longer, I still have to use the inner, isnt it? So, the sleeves basically has been overridden by the lacy material & with that in the picture, the tops is not that bad after all....especially after I've put it on me with my red palazzo....walllahhhhh !!!!


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