02 April 2012

Draw Something

Draw Something - the new app that has taken the world of smartphones by storm. If you love playing Pictionary as a board game with friends, now you can doodle away mobile style with Draw Something. It is a simple and intuitive game that tests your artistic skills.

Developed by OMGPOP, this online game is available to both IOS and Android platforms. Players used their phones as a canvas; their fingers as paintbrush.You can play either with your friends or even strangers, taking turns to draw pictures; to guess what the opponent has drawn. You can pick from three options, varying in difficulty, and win coins if their partner correctly guesses what the drawing depicts.

There's both a free and a paid version of the game. The paid version eliminates ads, adds about 2,000 more words, and gives you 400 free coins (you can also opt to buy coins separately if you'd rather not wait to earn them). Those who play a lot may want to put down money for the paid version, as there are only so many times you can stand having to draw Lady Gaga.

It was Lin who first came to me begging to download this app into my phone so that she could play the game with me. I was a bit reluctant at first knowing how much I despise computer / phone games. But after much persuasion & assurance from Lin that this game is a bit different from the rest, I finally agree to download it into my phone.

True enough, like others I was bitten by the Draw Something bug too. I quickly got semi-addicted (not fully yet so far) to this drawing games, though I must admit that I am a very bad artiste huhuhu.

Here are the collections of my drawings which I considered as the best to my standard wahahaha :

Not so bad lah kan my drawings tu? But of course if you compare to the below drawings I found in the net, mine are just so crappy ! I really cant imagine how people can actually draw these on their phones - it's just too impossible to draw something so impressive like these using just the tip of your fingers.....it must be the Stylus pen they are using. Honestly, if I were given the Stylus to draw, I still couldnt draw as perfect as these :

Luckily none of my drawing buddy are as good as these people - otherwise I would be too embarrassed to even play the game with them. Anyway just for the fun of it, can you guess what these two drawings are ? For your info, I failed to guess these two drawings - it was too confusing especially the first one.

Have fun guessing peeps !!


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