02 April 2012

Silicone Moulds

I got these lovely silicone moulds from Ija & Lin for my 42nd birthday recently.

It was really unexpected & an awesomely pleasant surprise when Ija handed me those bright, striking moulds. I still  remembered showing her those moulds few weeks before & telling her how much I'd love to have them in my kitchen.  And now all those moulds are finally mine. Thanks a million gals !

Silicone moulds immediately captured my heart ever since they made their way onto the market a few years ago. Unfortunately they are much, much more expensive as compared to those cast-iron moulds. The first time I ever saw a silicone mould was 6 - 7 years back ( damn, it took that long to have my own silicone mould? Shame on you ! Shame on you! ) when my Russion colleague bought one from Isetan. It was a bright red bundt mould which left me so confused when I've been told that we can bake cake in it. Silly me !

By looking at it, one would never expect it can be used in an oven - at least that's how I felt the first time I saw it. A silicone mould looks just like any other plastics you've seen before except for its flexibility & elasticity. Apparently this silicone baking mould can withstand temperature up to 260 Deg. C and extreme temperature changes, so you can take it from the freezer & put in the oven right away. Brilliant isnt it?

What I love the most about this moulds (beside its bright colours) is their flexibility. With a silicone mould, you dont need greasing anymore. They are so flexible that you could just peel them away from whatever you are cooking, be it a cake or a pie. Their flexibility makes storage much easier - all you have to do is to simply roll it up in the drawer when you are not using it.

So to those who didnt have these moulds yet should give it a try. If you cant afford it, hint your friends to get them for your birthday - works well for me !!!


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