04 May 2012

Muahhhhhhhh !!!!!

The above kiss is for no other than my company / management for giving their employee another long weekend this week.For the first time ever we are getting a replacement holiday for a public holiday that falls on Saturday. Tomorrow is the public holiday for Wesak & for that, we are getting next Monday off.....yeeeeee haaaaaaaa !!!

As I mentioned before, our company has just been acquired by General Electric about a year ago & we are still in the midst of adapting to the new rules & regulations. I dont wanna put my hopes too high up but at the same time I cant help myself but to wish that this is the regular practice in GE whereby the employees shall get a replacement holiday for any public holidays that falls on Saturday.

But even if it's not, I am still grateful for I dont have to work next Monday when most people would. And with Monday being an off day, it means that I have 2 solid days for my next movie marathon - as Astro's free channels will end this Sunday ( damn...I sounded so cheap !! ). Had a really hectic week & I deserve this long break.

So, have a great weekend ahead peeps & for those who are working next Monday - you can start envying me already !!!


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