02 May 2012

An Asshole In the Making

I cant remember when was the last time I felt so, so, so, so angry like this. But one thing I am very sure of is that the last time I felt this way is because of the same reason - men ! Honestly, their stupidity has never failed to get in contact with my tentacles.

Here's the story.....

Last nite, coming back from my committee meeting, Marsya was telling me about this one boy from her school who seems to pick a fight with her for no reason. Apparently my daughter post a new profile pic. of her in FB and tagged her BFFs asking them how was it - which I think is quite normal for any girls. 

Then, came this boy who started commenting her post in a very harsh way.

 I really dont understand what's his problem was. If he's a girl maybe, I can assume he's currently having her period. Or if he's a 50++ year old lady, then at least I can forgive her as she might going through a hard menopausal phase. But he's neither one of those, for crying out loud !!! Anyway, thinking back  he's a male and being that alone seems to put all the puzzles together - his gender makes perfect sense after all.

I couldnt find any word that could describe his rudeness. But he somehow reminded me the fact that guys regardless of their age are simply an asshole. Not enough they have an ugly face, they have to top it up with an ugly attitude as well !! Bravo !

Marsya is my only daughter and when somebody treated her this bad, I got really, really upset. I wish I could call this Zafran creature and gave him a piece of my mind but unfortunately Marsya didnt have his number. So, the most I can do is through the FB...sigh !

This is the best I could do though I really wish I cud do more - so gerammmm !!!

His reply came the next day since it was already 12 midnite when I post the above comment. Zafran just proved to himself and the rest of the world that he's actually an airhead when he could say this to me :

He actually deleted his particular comment where he called Marsya a "bitch" and stupidly replied to me while trying to make me look like a fool. Well, too bad Zafran coz you are the one being a fool here. FYI, I am not a 13 year old girl whom you used to bully or curse everyday at school - I am a 42 year old woman whose brain is still working at its best. 

Knowing that this fool might delete some of his comments (which he actually did), I've saved all of them the night before right after I read them.  And this is the part where he cursed my Marsya and later denies it :

These were my last words to Zafran and I really wished I could say it out to his face coz that would be much, much more magnificently glorious.

One might say that I am being stupid for picking a fight with a kid. But then what he did is very wrong and if everybody ignored him just because he's still a boy, imagine what kind of a man he would grow up into !

C'mon, we have enough men out there who treated women worse than a door mat and we certainly dont wanna add the quantity up, dont we?


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