02 May 2012

Thank You Astro !

Astro Malaysia was recently voted as the Most Popular Brand at the Putra Brand Awards 2012. And as a gesture of thanks and appreciation, Astro is broadcasting 130 channels free for all subscribers - for a week, starting from 27th April till 6th May 2012 ! 

Thank you Astro - though the vote didnt come from me( and honestly, I dont even know the existence of that Putra Brand Awards).

Like they said, good opportunity like this only comes once and that we shouldnt let it passed without grabbing it. Since my parents were in town on the 27th till the 29th, I cant do much on those days to really appreciate the "gift" I got from Astro.

Starting from the 30th morning till the next 1st May morning, there I was lying on my sofa watching as many movies as these eyes could take it. By the end of the day, I managed to make a marathon of 5 movies whcih is my very own personal record. 

As I told Marsya, never before in my 42 years of age, I've watched that much of movies in a day. By the time I am done with the fifth movies, I feel like throwing up - seriously. It was an absolutely a movie over-dose for me.....buwekkkkk !!!

These were the movies that I watched :
a)   Just Go With It   :  A story about friends turned into lovers - sweet story, I must say
b)  The Last Three Days  :  Suspense to the core till I feel my heart like bursting out !
c)   Narnia 3  :  Too fairy tale-ish for me - dozed off a couple of time through out the movie
d)   No Strings Attached  :  Yucks ! stupid...stupid....stooooopid story ! 
e)   Killer  :  So-so lahhh.....

One thing I realized after watching two Ashton Kutcher's movies back to back is that - he's really a hawt, hawt hottie ! Look, I dont really watch TV, ok....so how would I know this Kutcher boy is actually that hot? He's so tall & has the sweetest smile ever <3 <3 <3  . 

Now I understand why Demi has to go under the knife to be with him.......poor Demi !!


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