25 June 2016

Weekend Well Spent

Today is the most awaited day for the week and i m glad it is finally here. So what seems to be so exciting about today? Firstly, its the day I am gonna meet up with my darling princess at her school. And secondly, we will be enjoying out favourite dish for buka puasa later, which is the grilled lamb. Ooohhhh we so lurve lambs / mutton berry berry muchie. What we are gonna have later is actually called kibas but I'm not so sure what is it called in English. I've never had a kibas before but i am sure anything in the goat's family would please me well.

There is this thing called Interaction Day at Marsya's school today where parents could discuss about their child's education with their teacher based on the previous Mid Term Exam. Alhamdulillah, I had the least of a problem with Marsya when it comes to studying and schooling. The only thing that worries me sometimes is when she put too much pressure on herself.

Right after that we headed straight to Klana Resort Hotel where I've booked a room for tonite. Apparently, Marsya cant stay overnite n she has to be back to school before 9 pm. We are still grateful coz at least we've got to spend some quality time together, alhamdulillah.

So allow me to give a bit of a review on this hotel since this is the second time we are here. The rate that I got is RM 120 per nite (including sahur) through Booking.com, which is quite reasonable considering the facilities they are offering. Klana Resort Hotel is considered an old hotel - it's just old but not run down and dirty. The room has all the facilities that a 5 star could offer - aircond, shower, bath tub, television with Astro, iron, kettle, safe box and a hair dryer. Like i said, they have everything you ever need for.

Next I am gonna talk about their buka puasa. We came down after performing out maghrib. So, by then almost half of the food has been consumed. Luckily our grilled kibas was still there patiently waiting for us. I found that kibas meat is more tender than lamb, also a bit more juicier. As for their other foods, its just so-so lahhh....like those normal hotel food.

So, after we are done with our buka puasa, I sent Marsya back to her school which is just 10 minutes away. Then back to the hotel n dozed off.....sayonara !


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