28 June 2016

Kuih Raya Charity Project

This is the 3rd year General Electric (GE) is conducting a kuih raya charity sale among the employee. And for the 3rd consecutive year, I was one of the volunteer. Since this year is not a bz year for us, me and Ija agreed to manage the kuih raya, from selecting the supplier up to distributing them off.

Being an artsy person that I am, I volunteered to design the posters - one for the sales of the cookies and the other one for the buka puasa event with the orphanage. 

So, this is the first poster

And this is the other one.......cantik kannnnnnn !

 After doing aggressive sales for a week (which includes forcing my fellow non-muslim office mates to buy the cookies ) we manage to sell jars of cookies with an overall sales of RM 9,032.00 .....yippie ! The net profit obtained was RM 1,496.00 which will be donated to the Rumah Nur Sakinah Orphanage.

Honestly, managing 300+ of orders ain't easy at all. Last minute of order change, people wanting to change cookies, additional order request, QC issues etc. Nevertheless, I am more than glad to be part of it. Apart from the experience, it makes me feel good that I have contributed something back.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Do good...and good will come to you. 


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