04 October 2010

My Random Ramblings

I didnt write a single entry the whole of last week - with no particular reason. I just dont have the inspiration to write actually - nothing really triggered me to write. In a way, nobody has actually touched my tentacles hard enough for me to vent it out here.

My life as usual stayed on its routine - work, home, cook.....work, home, cook....but at least I'm grateful my responsibility is much lesser as compared to those women with more kids & a husband to attend to. Thinking of that, I'm quite grateful with the kind of life I am in right now - it never has been better. Syukur alhamdulillah.

Today I've decided to write an entry though I do not have any interesting or particular story to share. I just feel that I need to write before things get too comfortable for me & me ending up being a dormant blogger. I guess this is a common situation for any writer - the time where you just couldnt think of anything to blabber about & end talking rubbish more or less like what I'm doing right now :P

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to share one good news with all of you, fellow readers. Last Saturday, I received a phone call from Marsya's piano teacher informing me of her ABRSM 2nd Grade Piano exams. She took the exam @ Istana Hotel early August this year & she really didnt have a good feeling of how she performed that day. I knew she've tried her very best & we're not expecting anything but to just leave everything in God's hand. Miraculously, my precious passed the exam as being told by her teacher to me. It was indeed a call of joy & relieved to both me & Marsya. Again, alhamdulillah for the blessing.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank a few of my frens for the good moments they've brought to my life. To Izah & Solih, thanks for inviting me to their open houses over the weekend. Thanks so much for the hospitality & good foods. To Kumie, M.Chah, Nyah, Mimi & Man Tong, thanks for being there with me to cherish my life with your company. And to Ded, thanks for the souvenirs all the way from Thailand - so thoughtful of you. May all of your life prosper even more for the years to come. Amin.

p/s I was watching Melodi @ TV3 yesterday after for so long didnt get the chance to watch it. One thing that really caught my eyes was the presenter - Fafau. She looked a bit plump from the last time I saw her. I managed to snap a few pics of her to share with you who didnt get the chance to watch it yesterday. What do you think ? Are my eyes playing tricks on me or I'm just not that observant?

To Fafau, even if you do put on weight, it doesnt took that sweetness out of your smile even a bit. And I'm sure everybody else feels the same way too :-)


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