15 March 2011

Your Loss, My Gain

I received an sms from a friend yesterday evening which is a warning about the acidic rain that might occurs today due to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant explosion in Japan ( resulting from the tsunami that hit Japan last Friday ).

Being thoughtful & as a gesture of goodwill, I decided to forward the warning to my family and friends. Though it might just be a hoax, I dont see any harm distributing the sms all around. As the saying goes, it's always good to be safe than sorry.

One of my friend then replied my sms by saying, "c'mon, how can the radiation travels that far....dont be silly". Ok, why did I send the sms in the first place? Simply because I care about them. And this particular person just couldnt be thankful for that. And obviously, this kind of thing would only comes from a man - a fact nobody could ever deny.

Honestly, I dont mind the part he called me silly coz maybe I am - by sending such a warning without even knowing whether it's really true or not. Why did I include his name in the list of frens I'm sending the sms to - that is something I really regretted. Cant help it but to curse myself thereafter.

I dont mind if he wanna criticize me no matter how cynical it can be but he could at least thank me first for my kind thoughts. He is so lucky I'm in the midst of transforming myself into a better person (which I am still struggling very, very hard to achieve). Otherwise, I would have replied his sms using the harshest words he would ever get from me.

Anyway come to think about it, it's not totally his fault for being so stupid. No matter how pissed I am, I have to be fair. It's in his blood - he cant go against nature just like that. Men are naturally stupid. Their biological occurrence are being made that way. Ungratefulness, egoistic, unfaithful, unappreciative, taking things for granted, self-centered, etc, etc..... are among the extra elements which completes a man. His just being himself !

Looking at the bright side, at least I dont have to waste any extra cents sending him an sms should I receive any other warnings in the future. And cutting off this species out of my life has always been a pleasure to me.

It's your loss & my gain !


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