16 March 2011

Best Kebab In Town

For those who originated from KL, I'm sure most of you knows which kebab I'm referring to here. They've been in the business for as long as I could remember. I would say that their kebab is the pioneer in the kebab's world here in our country. They have been in the business much, much earlier than those many kebab franchisees around like Doner, Kyros, Melawati etc.

The queue gets longer in no time !

Kebab Syawarma Raihani is indeed the best kebab in town. It's them who introduced "kebab" in my eating life. They are not as popular & commercialized as the rest of the other kebabs but theirs are totally incomparable. Operating at a small stall along Jalan TAR (opposite Kamdar), kebab Syawarma never failed to satisfy the cravings of their customers.

The juiciness & tenderness of the meat makes us wanna come back for more. The freshness of the celeries, cucumbers & tomatoes complete the taste of the kebab alongside with the special mixture of various sauces. If you think other kebab is the best - this particular kebab might change that view of yours for good.

As good as it gets !

There are 2 choices of bread available - it's either the normal hotdog bread or the pita bread. As for the meat, unfortunately only beef is available - no options for chicken or lamb though. The prices are RM 3.00 for the Bread Kebab & RM 3.50 for the Pita Kebab.

If you are around the area, make it a point to catch a bite of this kebab. One thing for sure, your effort would definitely be paid off the moment those succulent meat hits your taste bud. You'll be sorry for not knowing the existence of this kebab much, much earlier. And of course, you'll be thanking me for writing about this in my blog. You're very much welcome !


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