24 March 2011

Join Me In Twitter !

For the past one & a half week ago, I was infected by the tweet bug which resulted with an addiction - not that severe though but enuff to occupy myself quite fully ......hehehe. I know I am such a late comer as compared to the rest of the Twitterers considering that it has been around since 2006.

Honestly, I have signed up for the account a couple of years ago and that's about it. Zero tweet, no followers (obviously) and not following anybody - simply becoz I dont even know how it works ! And the account has been dormant ever since - until Lin came into the picture. It was her who initiated my interest to give it a shot - and now I am hooked !

So, what is Twitter? I know most of you knew what Twitter is but there are still a lot of people like me who doesnt really know what actually Twitter is. Twitter is basically a very cut down to basic social network, or micro-blogging platform. It gives you the platform to write down your thoughts, feelings, goings on, problems, announcements or anything else which you can sum up in 140 characters and the people who follow you will see it.

Essentially it’s like Status Updates on Facebook and your friends seeing the updates, but instead of your ‘friends’ it can be any random stranger and the status updates are called ‘Tweets’. It is slightly more fun than blogging because you can have real time conversations with people. Also, you get little glimpses into people’s lives that you might not see just from their blogs.

It's really interesting to be able to get connected not only to your friends & family but also to celebrities & politicians. It's kinda cool to get inside scoop on things that you wouldn't normally read anywhere else.

Twitter becomes much more fun and useful as you follow more people and they follow you. The more people you follow and who follow you, the more likely you are to have questions answered and to learn interesting or new things.

So, have I gotten some of you interested already? If so then, come & join me in Twitter. Lets scoot around the Twitter world & have fun there ! The more the merrier !


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