08 March 2011

It's Our Day !

Being born to this world as a human is a great blessing. And being born as a woman is even greater. I am incredibly lucky to be born as a human being and as a woman. There are just a whole loads of fun things I'll be able to do being a female - things men never got to enjoy !

I can put on make-ups, use jeweleries & accessories, wear long hairs, use skirts and the list is simply endless. But the most wonderful thing of being a woman is of course to be able to give a new life to this world that is being a mother. Nothing could even match up the feeling I had the first time I held Marsya in my arms. Being a mother really completes me as a woman, ultimately.

Born a female does not mean I'm weak & vulnerable. Men could break my heart but they couldnt break me down. In fact, it'll make me even stronger than before. I may not be a marriage material but I know I am the best mother material any child could have.

If this thing called "the next life" really exist, I would love to be born again as a woman. Again & again even for the next millionth times !

To all women out there, Happy International Women's Day ! And in commemoration of this special day, GE is having this Wear Read Day campaign to support the fight against heart disease in women. And here are the red hot girls of GE in supporting the said campaign :


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