21 March 2011

Lat Kampung Boy The Musical

Had the opportunity......... wait, no ! It should starts like this : After being numerously blackmailed by Marsya, I've got no choice but to take her to the Lat Kampung Boy musical theater on Saturday afternoon.

So, what happen actually? About a month ago, I told Marsya that I've just bought the ticket to Wings's life performance in Istana Budaya next April ( yes...yes...yes....I'm gonna have a head-banging session with Wings...wooo hooooo!!! ). Since she neither knew Wings nor their songs, I've decided to exclude her from this rendezvous this time.

Knowing that fact, she quickly demanded a "compensation" from me for ditching her. And Lat Kampung Boy The Musical is the price I have to pay for trying to have fun without her. Marsya is the big fan of the Kampung Boy animation series - the one shown in Astro. She found out about this musical during our previous visit to Istana Budaya to watch Siti Di Alam Fantasi few months back. Moral of the story : always arrive late at the scene so that these rugrats wouldnt have the opportunity to collect enuff ammo for their weapon of mass destruction (to our wallet, of course).

Honestly, I am not so much into musical theaters. I've always prefer the conventional theater where people only act rather than singing on the stage. But nowadays, the trend has indeed transforms that people tend to switch to this kind of performance instead.

The moment I stepped into the auditorium, I wished & prayed that I wont fall asleep like the previous Siti Di Alam Fantasi show. One thing for sure, Liyana Jasmay is not one of the actress which gave me some sense of hope to stay "alive" during the show.

All and all, the show was okay & I managed to stay awake throughout the time (applause to myself). Everybody who was involved in the play gave their best performance. Atilia was good - both acting & singing. Douglas Lim was as good as well - funny, funny guy he is. Not forgetting Awie - listening to him singing makes me so excited to watch his concert next month - love that voice of his ! Sandra Sodhi as Mrs Hiew was really awesome. The way they made that bee-hive look-alike hairdo really depicts the character as how Lat portrays it in his cartoons.

The star of the show without doubt was Omar Abdullah. He was just pure magic as Pak Samad Ismail, the Managing editor of NST. Everybody gets really excited every time his scene is being played - he's just so hilarious & definitely liven up the show.

Marsya was so happy - not only bcoz she got to watch the play but also to get her picture taken with the hot Hans Isaac. It's just too bad that we have to use her phone to snap the pic. as I left my camera at home....huhuhu. That explains why there aren't any photos of me uploaded in this post - so not me kan, considering I'm a cam-whore !

Anyway, if you are interested to watch this show you could still make it since it will be showcased at Istana Budaya till the 5th April. For more info. on the show, visit their Facebook page or head onto Ticket2U.biz to get your ticket.


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