07 March 2011

Too Hot To Handle

My family and I are among those people who just cant live without chillies. Not just chillies but lot and lots of them. Chillies are like the force that makes my heart beats. I could live without a man but without chillies, I'd rather be dead. Life wouldnt be the same without that spiciness of a chilli in it.

This however reminded me of my trip to Japan many, many years ago. Japanese food is really a killer to me & I'm talking about those authentic Japanese food here - not the ones in this country which have been customized to the local taste. Their food there in Japan are really bland & tasteless - no joke !

I was there with my colleague for 12 days. Towards the end of our trip, our Japanese counterpart took us to the local market. Guess what we found there? Cili padi !!!! Even going to Japan Disneyland the day before cant beat the excitement in seeing those cili padi. And from that day onwards, the cili padi is like a passport for us where it stays in our handbag wherever we go ! That's how much love I had for chillies !

Being born in family who is so obsessed with chillies, I just cant help but to train my princess to be able to start consuming chillies at a very young age. By now, my Marsya's threshold for hotness / spiciness is undoubtedly much, much higher than any adults I knew.

Of all chillies, cili padi ( bird's eye chillies ) is by far, the best. I put cili padi in almost all of my cooking. I put cili padi in the fried noodle, fried vegetables & even kuih like vadai, cekodok, croquettes etc. Wherever possible & logical, I'll definitely add cili padi as one of the ingredients in my cooking.

A few of my friends in the office have already customized their tongue to the spiciness of my cooking - and these would be Carol & Lin. As for Ija, since she's still new (less than 6 months) she still weeps whenever she eats my food.........hehehe. I reckoned that she needs another 6 months or so to be able to cope with the rest of the girls. You go girl !

To those who didnt know, there are 2 types of dried chillies in the market - the hot ones & the not-so hot ones. So how do we differentiate these 2 types of chilli? Well, it's very easy once you master the art of the chillies...hehehehe. The hot ones (which is my all time favourite) are more bright in colour, shinier & smoother.

As compared to the the hot ones, the mild ones has a colour that is a bit darker & the texture is not as smooth. They are normally more crumpled up in terms of the look.

I hope you got it right since it's a bit difficult to explain it here. The best thing is to ask the traders at the market about it & do the comparison yourself. You can actually see the difference between these two types if you were to look at it physically.

Anyway, a few months ago while doing my groceries at Tesco, I noticed another type of dried chillies which is called as the Super Hot Dried Chilli. For a chilli lover like me, I jumped in excitement looking at it. Without hesitating I grabbed not one, but two packets instantly while thinking the things that I'm gonna cook with it. Am soooo excited !

I then decided to make a fusion olio with that chilli. Took a handful of them, pound them coarsely & toss in the spaghetti. The taste? Wallauwehhhh !!! Do you remember this old Malaysian cartoon about this monkey who ate chillies & fire coming out from both side of his ears? That's exactly what happened to me. But in my case, the fire shoots out from my nose & eyes as well. It was damn, super duper hot ! The hottest chilli I've ever tasted in my whole entire life. Even cili padi is not as hot. My lips actually went numb for a few minutes due to the hotness.

So, a friendly reminder to all - be extra, extra careful with this special type of chilli. All I can say is that, it's really fatal. No matter how high your threshold is towards chillies, this particular ones would definitely challenge you to the core. I've learned my lesson & I've learned it the hard way, unfortunately.


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