07 January 2009

Cooking Is All About Planning

The school started 2 days ago i.e. on the 5th. There goes my luxury sleeps. I am now back to my normal routine which starts as early as 5.30 in the morning. It's gonna be hard for these few days after 2 months of hibernation.

For a start, I have myself a new maid this year. Her name is Miskiah ( we called her Mis). She's from Jawa Tengah, 25 of age, was married before & have 1 kid. She worked with a Chinese family before. Then she fled off as she cant bear eating pork anymore........gross!!! We are so fortunate to get her as our maid. She's so hardworking. Mar (my previous maid) is nothing close to her. I dont have to tell her what to do. She'll always look for things to be washed, wiped, polished etc. My house now shines like a silver pottery !

The only thing Mis didnt know is to cook - which is acceptable to me. So, now not only I've to prepare Marsya's breakfast, I also have to cook for her lunch as well - before I go to work. Something I used to do before I have a maid. I dont really mind doing it since cooking has always been pleasure.

For those who have to do the same thing, I have some tips to share - so that you'll save time. It's always good to set up your menu for the week - write down the dishes that you plan to cook for that whole week. With that list in your hand, you can plan your time much, much more easier. You knew what to buy at the market, hence saving your precious time. On top of that you can have a peace of mind knowing that you already have all the ingredients you require for your cooking.

The night before, all you need to do is to look at your menu & prepare the ingredients upfront - the slicing, pounding, cutting etc. So, the next morning you can straight away start with the cooking. To make it more easier, you can blend the onions & dry chillies over the weekend & keep them in the fridge. Just scoop it out when you need it. Simple!

Cooking is easy - it's the preparation that gives quite a hassle. With proper planning & management, your kitchen wouldnt be a war field. You'll definately cook with joy & pleasure. Give it a try & you'll agree with every word I've said.


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