21 January 2009

Can You Keep A Secret ?

It's a total fairy tale ! That's what I can conclude after reading this book. A handsome multimillionaire fallling in love with a plain-standard girl from the street....puhhhhleaseeee. Something that would never happen in the real world....not in a million years ! C'mon, life can never be that perfect.
Emma is trying to climb her way up the corporate ladder at her marketing firm to no avail. While on a return flight from a business trip gone completely wrong she meets a handsome stranger. During the bumpy plane ride, Emma blabs all her deepest darkest secrets to this stranger. Upon return to work, Emma find out that the company's founder Jack Harper is visiting, which to her surprise happens to be the stranger from the plane! They somehow in the end fall in love with each other.....
I've always hated fairy tale kindof story like this one. It's so unrealistic...it doesnt keep both of your feet on the ground! Anyway, i'm not saying that the book is not good. I stayed till 2.00 am just to finish it! The book is a fun reading & quite amusing. It's just me who dont really fancy a dreamer kindof story. Go ahead and read it...dont listen to what I've said. Like my fren Carol likes to quote : Dont hate the player....hate the game !


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