22 January 2009

Unexpected Gift


I have received an unexpected gift today. Got a CNY mini-hamper from Mei Yin. Both me & Carol got it! We were both so excited about it & tend to show off to the rest of our colleagues since only we got it...hehehe.

Peanut Cookies (for Marsya), oranges (for me) and Ang Pow (again....for Marsya)

When it comes to Chinese New Year, I've always look forward to the Lokam / mandarin oranges. I love oranges so much especially these tyoe of oranges - they are so sweet and juicy. I could easily finish one whole box of oranges in less than 24 hours - on my own!

Another thing that I've always look forward to during this festival is the Prosperity Burger. You can only find this once a year. McDonalds is only promoting this burger during the CNY. However, since I've boycotted McDonalds (for their involvement in the Palestinian bombings), so no more prosperity burger for me - for good. Damn all the Israelians !!!

Once again...Mei Yin, thanks so much for your wonderful gift ! Very thoughtful of you !


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