23 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebratets it.....may the new year brings happiness & good fortune to all. And for those who are not celebrating it....enjoy your 4 days holidays. Yabeda bedu !

It's the year of an ox this timearound & this is what my horoscopes are for this year :

Your work will play a large role in the year of the Ox. You may find yourself working long hours to achieve a promotion or to further your pursuits.
==> Me working long hours to achieve a promotion ?? This is so hilarious.....so NOT me !

Domestically, the you can achieve new levels in a relationship this year. People who know you think highly of you, as you are a well respected individual for your work ethics and your devotion to the ones you love.
==> Hmmmm...I like !!

Your strong work ethics leave you working long hours, sometimes denying the warning signs of the effects on your health. You are instinctively a very active person and exercise is not something that you need to remind yourself to do.
==> Hahahahahaha............

Financially, you may not achieve the results you seek, but you are well on your way. Keep your spending within your budget, even though there may be items that you desire to purchase to enrich your home.
==> This is the hardest part.....wish me luck!!


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