24 February 2009

Red Scoot In Mag. Again

Yes, I am indeed in a magazine again....the same old MIDI (the 1st Feb. issue). I know nothing about it until my sis, Aida called me up & asked me about it. I purposely keep this as a secret since I am so embarassed about the article. Why? Well, this is the best part. It's because they've made me the Diet Personality for that particular issue.

Can you believe it? Me being the diet personality? Shut-upppp !!! It's such an embarassment - a total humiliation, so to speak. Unless I have a figure like Denise Austin, then I wouldnt mind flaunting my well-toned body in any magazine ever. I cant even make myself read the article, for God's sake !
Few weeks back, the journalist who used to interview me before, send me an e-mail asking me how I manage to lose my weight. So, briefly I told her what I've done & such. She did told me that she needs those info. for one of her column. I didnt know it's gonna be for that particular article.

Anyway, it's already out there. By now, whoever is reading this entry & decided to check the magazine out, they wouldnt be able to do it anymore since it's already out-dated....phew !!

p/s By the way, that picture of me is an old pic. which was taken early last year i.e. before I started out my so-called Weight Management Program..........and I hate that pic. so much. I looked awful in it !


  1. vavavooommmmm sis!
    manis bergaya jadik model.....
    apa citer yg sedey sgt in previous posting....?
    thought you hv a very great news yet to be shared with us all...hmmm...
    whatever pun intan...just be patient ek.... jgn sedey sedey...
    and keep on writing coz i luv to read them!

  2. Thanks for being the loyal reader of my blog - wa caya sama lu la! Anyway, mind telling me who you are? Wa curious gilerrrr ni !