06 February 2009

Have You Ever Being Cheated?

Have you ever been cheated? I’m sure most of you had. Being cheated is one thing but being cheated by somebody really close to you is yet another thing. The pain is just too much & it hurts like hell.

Sometimes I just can’t understand how people could do such a cruel thing to another human being. I wouldnt even harm an ant for god’s sake (well, unless if they bit me first)….what else humans with flesh & blood & most importantly with feelings. Well, sad to say that some people, somehow, could actually do it.

All my life I’ve been good to people but some of them tend to take advantage out of the kindness I gave. I still have people owing me money ( at least RM 30K altogether ), having an ex-hubby who thinks that he don’t have to be responsible for his daughter since her mum can afford it, being a guarantor to a friend who don’t really bother to pay the bank till it got my name blacklisted for the past 10 years, borrowed a digital camera to a friend only to get back a ruined one…..the list could go on & on without mercy.

All of these rooted from my own weakness – I have a very soft heart. Mudah sangat kesian kat org – that’s why people can easily take advantage out of me. I tried to be selfish but I just can’t. Tak sampai hati……in the end, sendiri yang makan hati. Like the old saying goes : Biar orang buat kita….jangan kita buat orang. I am kindof abide to this, I guess. I would just leave it to God to do the justice. I’m sure God has his own way of doing it.

Every cloud has it’s silver lining….there’s a blessings in every disguise. Like what my lil princess told me the other day, “..don’t worry mummy….I’m sure both of us will find our happiness at the end of the day”. Whatever it is, I know my happiness lies in her – undoubtly.


  1. I know you hurt, and I know you question why thing happen...I know how you feel, trust me. Like you said, keep looking for the silver linings, you can make it through!

  2. Thanks dear....a little support like yours means a lot to me! Am waiting for the rainbow at the end of the road.....