28 February 2009

Birthday Lunch @ Saisaki

Yes….went there for lunch today with Abang & Marsya. It’s my birthday treat from Abang - thanks dear ! Thought of going to Xenri in the first place (another Japanese buffet restaurant) but they are fully booked up till April – can you believe that? It’s all because of the 50% off promotion they’re currently having. When Abang went there (Xenri) to make the reservation the other day, they’ve claimed that they are the best Japanese buffet restaurant in town. How true it is, I can only find out if I got the chance to be there – in which I would some day.


KL's Most Eligible Bachelorettes


So, back to my birthday lunch. Marsya was a bit skeptical about Japanese food since she has never tried it before, especially after hearing me talking about the raw salmons. Anyway, I’m glad she enjoyed the food very much – her favourite being the steamed Cod fish’s head. She also had a big portion of the lamb shank….it’s not big actually, it’s mega huge.

IMG_2001 She sure do enjoyed her lamb - the big grin proves it !

As for me, it’s the same usual thing – the mouth watering raw salmon, the slimy & juice steamed Cod’s fish head & the crisp Kosaki, and not forgetting the delicious Miso Soup. After I had these four things, I felt so bad coz I just cant shove in any more food into my mouth. Such a waste, isn’t it?




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