26 February 2009

A Special Gift From A Special Person

I am so surprised to have received one big bouquet of a dozen roses for my birthday today. Cant really remembered the last time I ever received a flower for anything .....let alone birthdays. I love getting flowers…who wouldn’t? It makes me feel like walking on cloud nine the whole day


The flowers came with a red birthday card with lots & lots of hearts on it. It’s such a huge surprise for me coz I really didnt expect it, neither do I hoped for it. I’ve always love surprises especially sweet surprise like this!

Abang, thanks for the lovely flowers – love them so much! Love the card too. On this special day, all I ever wished for is lots & lots of blessings & happiness to both of us. May all our wishes came true.

One more thing Abang, terima kasih daun keladi yer !



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