27 April 2010

Nasi Lemak Tanglin

A lot have been heard & read about this infamous Nasi Lemak Tanglin. It's one of the most sought Nasi Lemak in town, it seems. Just type Nasi Lemak Tanglin in Google Search & you'll find hundreds of reviews & comments about it.

Tanglin Food Court

Last Sunday, I've got the chance to join those avid fans of this particular Nasi Lemak for breakfast. Tanglin Food Court is situated in Lake Garden area...near the butterfly park & opposite the Pusat Kesiihatan Tanglin. There are enuff signboards in the park that would help you find the way.

We reached there about 9 am & from far we could already see a long queue in front of the stall. Most of the seats in the food court are already occupied - but since it's only the 2 of us, we managed to find ourselves a seat. Besides the nasi lemak, there's also another stall selling noodles. Since nasi lemak has been a no-no dish for me for so long, I then opt for the noodles - Mee Kicap Special, it is. As for my friend, he ordered the nasi lemak.

Excuse me, is this the queue for the movie tickets?

So, here's the verdict. The mee kicap is fantabulous. I really, really love it - it meets my taste so perfectly. The noodles is nothing so great but then it's the simplicity that makes it great I guess. It's just a wanton noodle with soya sauce & garnished with prawns, cockles, bak choy (green leafy vege) plus 1-2 slices of fish cake. As I said, simple yet nice....very nice indeed.

The amazing Mee Kicap Special

The "infamous" nasi lemak on the hand is an ultimate disappointment. In my opinion, besides the rice, the sambal plays an important role in determining the quality of the dish. If the sambal fails, so will the rice. Well, this is what happened to nasi lemak Tanglin. The sambal is really out - not only it tasted different ( not in a good way kindof different ), it's a bit sweet too. There's something really funny with the taste of the sambal which I dont really like. But then, looking at crowd; I guess it's just me and my friend - the rest of them seems to enjoy it very much. Personally, the nasi lemak @ Wisma Genting's food court is still the best. It's reputation is by far, still intact.

The unexpected Nasi Lemak

Anyways, I would definitely come back to this place - not for it's nasi lemak of coz but for the noodles instead. My intention is to try out all of their other noodles in the menu - which I hope is as good as their Mee Kicap.


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