14 October 2008

Hj. Manan's Laksa Sarawak Paste

Today I receive my Laksa Sarawak Paste. Didnt expect to get it this fast since I only placed the order last Thursday. 5 days delivery all the way from Sarawak....not bad at all.

Last week while browsing the MyRecipe website, I've came across this Laksa Sarawak recipe which requires this special paste. It seems that Hj Manan's brand receive lots of good reviews. The last time I tried Laksa Sarawak while I was in Kuching few years ago. Their laksa is very much different from other laksa since they've used Mee Hoon instead and the gravy is some what like curry mee.

Having to read the recipe suddenly gives me a craving for it. So, I quickly searched the net to try & get the paste online. There are a few websites which offered this product online. Among all, I've chosen to get it from this girl called Suhaiza Sa'at ( suhaiza81@gmail.com ), which turned out to be a good choice I would say - in terms of reliability. By the way, one packet is RM6 - for those who are interested.

Since Marsya will be spending this weekend with her dad, I'll have to put this Laksa Sarawak project on hold first. Will try to cook it the week after next when she's around. Tungguuuuu !!!!!


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