27 October 2008

Deepavali @ Desa Water Park

It's Deepavali today here in Malaysia ( and most of other countries in the world, I supposed). So Happy Diwali to all my Indian frens, Carol, Malar, Chandra....to name a few.

Decided to take Marsya for a swim today - been planning this for the past 2 weeks actually. the actual plan is having a steamboat @ the South China Sea beach back in Kuantan. However, my darling Princess doesnt loves the sea (not as much as her mummy). So, have to re-routed the destination to this water park instead. Took Noriah & kids too - just to make the event more merrier.

We've started the day very early - cooking dishes that we're gonna took with us to the park. The menu was : Fried Mee Hoon, Fried Kuay Teow (Marsya's favourite), Chicken Nuggets, Fried Chicken and not forgetting my home-made Samosa. So, in terms of food, we are very well equipped. Nobody would get hungry - not for the next 12 hours at least :)

Now here's the setback of the whole event. At the entrance of the water park, there are these 2 guards whose job are to examine every patron's beg of any food brought from home - since there's a big sign which says that "No Outside Food Are Allowed". At that point, we were very much pissed already. Just imagine how much food we have with us.....we just cant leave those in the car trunk & let it spoilt just like that, isnt it. The last time we went there (which was baout 3 years ago), there's no such rulings pun. :(

So in desperation, I've come up with this idea where all the foods are transferred into plastic bags. Those guards dont really ransacked the bags. What they did is just feel the bags (from the outside) for any food containers / tupperwares. So, we fold all those plastic foods together with the clothes & towels as a disguise & thank god it works! Red Scoot just saved the day!!

We spend the whole day @ the park. Burning ourselves out since it was quite hot that day. We tried all rides & slides available ( Super Tube, Shock Wave, Thunderbolt, Action River ) and it was fun. All of us really had fun that day.

This guy (in the pic. below) is one of the life guards at the park. Isnt he cute? Gorgeous! This picture was taken at the Shock Wave pool. Well, I think he actually noticed me snapping his photo. Since then, he was flirting all the way with me. He actually waited for me at the water park exit.......which makes me walk like so kelam kabut passing him. Padan muka !


  1. Salam Red Scoot.. actually I jumpa your travel blog dulu, then baru i jumpa ur blog ni.. I tgh cari info pasal Bandung.. since I tgk ur blog is about shopping je.. mesti sronok kan? Nak tanya you, sebab in Dec nak pergi to Bandung (co. trip) for 3D2N. Berapa agaknya minimum RM RM nak tukar ke Rupiah.. kalau moderate shopperz..
    tks in advance..
    sorry coz leave a comment in ur blog here.. jenuh dok cari ur email add, tapi tak jumpa..

  2. k intan....
    how do u have enuff plastic bags to dunk everything in?
    and the lifegurads... OMG.. tell me more........