02 October 2008

Missing You On Hari Raya

Marsya is celebrating Hari Raya with her dad this year - didnt expect it though. Already told her dad that she's gonna be with me this raya but then.....didnt know she wanted to celebrate raya in Mersing this year. For the past 3 years, whe've been with me so this year Marsya decided to flip the coin to the other side....uwaaaaa.....

This raya is indeed not the best one for me. With Marsya's absence and me falling sick few days before raya really screwed up everything. I had a terrible fever that forced me to take a jab at the nearby clinic. I can't even get up from bed before I took the injection.....it was that bad! Never felt that sick & weak before. I'm so grateful I'm still alive & breathing right now.

Didn't go anywhere on Hari Raya except for visiting my newly born nephew in Klang. He's so small & tiny - so cute! It's always nice looking at babies - but only when they're ok. Once they cried, that's it! I'll be 100 meters away....hahahaha !
Mohd. Faheim Zarif

Stop by at my millionaire fren's house on our way back. It was Solih's new house in Laman Seri, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam. Saw the photos of his new house in Impiana magazine few days ago. That's when I decided to pay him a visit or may I say, spying on his new luxurios house. It is an expensive house indeed - 1.3 Million as told by his wife. Modern contemporary - that's the theme of the house and for that price, it is obviously a beautiful house. Good for you Solih!

Posing in front of the RM7K painting

An "ayu" pose at Solih's mini park


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