03 October 2008

Jornam Parklex

Jornam Parklex - 1987

Jornam Parklex - the name that is so synonym to 8 beautiful ladies from Kuantan. It is the name that unite them...the name that they're proud of and the name that actually makes who they are now.

Jornam Parklex was established or created on the 19th March 1986. At that time it was known as Jornam Fiscone instead (Fiscone as in Five Science One ). Jornam is a name we've created by combining all of our names....J (Julie), OR+N (Nor Intan, Nor Azizah Wati, Norhidayu & Norharti), A (Azah), R (Robita @ Haslinda) and M (Marzita). Parklex (Lepak Kompleks) was created a lil bit later due to our excessive visits to Kompleks Teruntum.... hahahaha !!! Our official colour is Pink - each one of us has a pink baju kurung where we'll sometime used for our outings.

Those were the years......I don't know the rest of you gals, but for me....that was the greatest moment of my life. Nothing beats that...not even my two weddings (shut up!!!) !!! Those are the times when happiness are all around me. We were a bunch of happy gals who just wanna have fun ! Fun...fun...and more fun ! That's all we can think of. And our kindof fun is no other that being together watching movies, lepak @ Kompleks Teruntum & last but not least, ENJE's tuition class. There we would talk, laugh, eat, teasing each other bla...bla..bla.... I cant remember us being worried about our SPM which is just around the corner. The only thing we worried about is being caught at the cinema by our Principle, Mrs. Quah. There are too many happy moments & stories if I were to share everything here. Like I said before, those were the best times of my life.

Good friends are like stars....you dont always see them,
but you know they are always there.....

Jornam Parklex - 2008


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