16 October 2008

My Langkawi Scrapbook

This is the cover page I've designed for my Langkawi trip scrapbook. I'm so proud of myself...hehehehe. Cantik kan? Kihkihkih.....masuk bakul sendri angkat mah ! This Langkawi trip is way back in August 2007. Been wanting to create the scrapbook for it but I just couldnt find the time to do it.

Since I'm quite free these days, I believe it's the right time to start my scrapbook projects. Have a lot more waiting in line for me - my Bandung trip, Malaysian Eye, Laman 2008, Look-Out Point.....gosh! I hope I could find time for all these. This is the problem when you are being too ambitious. I did tried digital scrapbooking but the outcome is not that cool. It only looks nice in the PC but once you print it out, it doesnt look as nice any more. I prefer a hard copy photos rather than viewing it thru the monitor - rasa macam tak puas gitu!

Anyway, at least I've started it. Got the cover page set for my Langkawi scrapbook - something to start with. I hope I could hold the thrill & excitement long enough till I finished the whole project. Biasalah......I can sometimes be hangat2 tahi ayam.....hehehe. Wish me luck !


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