16 October 2008

A Gift From Marsya

Got this from my little princess last night. Isn't it nice? Love it the moment I laid my eyes on it. Thanks Marsya for your lovely suprise. Thanks for coming to my life - you are the most precious gift God ever given me & for that, I am truly grateful. My dear Marsya, thanks also for listening to all of my problems all these years & at the same time giving me advices in which some of them are quite helpful :)

Me & Marsya shared everything together....we even shared the same bed......hehehehe. My favourite moments with her is at night, just before we dozed off. There were we lying on the bed....side by side, holding each other's hand.....sharing our stories for the day - the nice & the not so nice ones too! Sometimes I would tell her about my dreams & the places I wanted to go. She would then tell me : Mommy, dont worry....I will study very hard to get a good job & I will try my best to fullfilled all your dreams. Then we'll hug each other hard like we've never been hugged before. As for her stories, they are always the stories about her frens.....the problems she encountered with the girls & the teasing she got from the boys......the part & parcel of growing up.

Marsya, all these years you have been a very good child & I am so blessed. Mommy is so sorry for all the miserable times I've made you go through with me. Life has been hard on me but I'm so lucky to have you there by my side....always. You are my strength, my backbone.....my everything dear. I dont think I would be able to continue breathing without having you in my life. Love you so much dear......so very much !


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