03 March 2009

Bengang !

Harini wa memang cukup bengang ……started very early in the morning – as early as 6 am. Nothing that serious la except for this stupid school rules of Marsya.

She told me that the school had a spot-check yesterday evening & she got a warning from the teacher – yes, my darling princess broke the school rules! SHE DIDNT PLAIT HER HAIR !!!!!!.

What fucking rules in this? She didnt go to school letting her hair off. And neither did she tie her hair using fancy scrunchies. She just didnt plait her hair, for God’s sake! And because of that, she got a warning from the school. According to Marsya, once the hair is below the shoulder, it needs to be plaited – tying alone is not enuff. Crappy…..fuckin crappy !

The problem here is that I didnt know how to pleat hairs. Not that I didnt know at all but I’m not good at it – really, really bad. I’ve never done it before, that’s why. During my schooling time, for primary level, having a long hair is prohibited – the only school with such a ruling & I’m proud to be one of it’s pupil ( btw, that school of mine is called Methodist Girls School ). Personally, I think it’s a good regulation. All of us at the school end up looking very clean & neat. Our hair are not allowed to grow beneath the collar & ears – that’s the limit..

During that time, if you go for a haircut at the saloon, all you need to say is “MGS cutting”. They’ll know what to do. It’s like a trade mark. Not sure if such a ruling still exist now – I’m very much doubting it.

So, this morning I’ve to spend at least 15 mins just to try & plait her hair. While doing it my mouth just cant stop cursing the school & whoever came up with this stupid ruling. The plait finally done though it’s not that perfect. Then later, I find out from Marsya that her plaits all came out not so long after she reached school & her friends had to help her out with it…….poor
Marsya. Felt so useless as a mother today. I failed…. I failed …….uwaaaaaaa !!!!!


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