16 May 2009

Ampang Point On Fire

Today, while having lunch at Sushi Octopus, Ampang Point with Marsya, we were very shocked when suddenly smokes, lots of them appeared from one corner of the building. Akak pulak masa tu tengah sedap layan seafood tomyam - potong stim betul la. Tetiba, I heard somebody shouting - the building is on fire!!!!!

Patrons rushing out from the building but they certainly dont look like they're "rushing" isn't it ?


A few seconds after that, people started rushing towards the escalator. By the way, the Octopus Sushi Restaurant is @ the 2nd floor, just by the escalator. So, I could see very clearly the panic that arises around the area. As for me & Marsya, we still continue eating our food, calmly while enjoying the scenario around us. It was quite a scene to be at - very exciting indeed.

By the time we're done with our lunch, most of the area are already filled with thin smoke - still not that bad actually. We could still easily breath, without any complications. We were then instructed by the Pak Guard to use the staircase rather than the escalator.

Here are some of the photos I managed to snap at the scene. Terasa macam wartawan Metro la pulak !!!!


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