15 May 2009

Boring Week

Didnt post any entry the whole week last week. Reason being, too much work @ the office. Chandra has been breathing on my neck all week long. Too many "dead" lines to meet, yet too little time. So, in conclusion nothing interesting had really took place last week - except for work...work and work.

Anyway, last weekend I bought a new pair of coloured lens - this time it's Grey. Started wearing them last week. I kindof like it actually - much, much better than the Hazel that I tried before. Among the comments I got is that I looked very "transparent" with this new pair of eyes. As it is I'm already fair (transparent), the eyes add more to it as they are as transparent as well. That's how Chu put it when I asked him to comment. Abang on the other hand, thinks that my eyes look seductive.....well, that's more like it, isn't it?
Whatever it is, I just loved my new eyes - thanks to Carol for the suggestion. The colour suits me well - from what I see la....unless I'm "perasan"-ing. Anyway, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.


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